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Welcome to Zurich


Welcome to Zurich, one of Switzerland’s most iconic travel destinations and home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events.

The city of Zurich lies at the center of Switzerland, on the northern shores of Lake Zurich overlooked by the snowy peaks of the Alps. Thanks to its top-quality infrastructure set amidst natural surroundings, it is a popular place not only for living and working but also for study and research. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and the University of Zurich are internationally recognized institutions. Built in 1855 by Gottfried Semper, the ETH Zürich is today associated with 21 Nobel prizewinners.

Despite being the largest city in Switzerland (a total of 370,000 people live in Zurich), visitors will find Zurich has managed to maintain much of its old-world charm, while its compact size and convenient layout make it ideal for exploration on foot. As home to one of the world’s most extensive and efficient transport systems, less energetic visitors will also find the city equally easy to explore.

Zurich is definitely worth of exploring as it has a lot to offer. With her luxury and international brands on Bahnhofstrasse, trend and tradition in the picturesque Old Town, and sophisticated Zürich labels in Zürich-West & Aussersihl Zurich got her reputation
as an El Dorado for shoppers. But that’s only one face of this city as Zurich with her cultural highlights can easy satisfied even most demanding art and culture lovers. The city alone is home to over 50 museums, some 14 of which are devoted to art. Prime examples are the Kunsthaus Zurich (Museum o
f Fine Art) with exhibits from the Middle Ages to the present, the Schweizerische Landesmuseum with the largest cultural historic collection in the country and the Museum Rietberg, one of the most important international centers for non-European art.

An important part of Zürich’s quality is the nature and environment. With its city parks, lush garden and lake Zurich, which provides limitless recreation options from boat cruises to leisurely pedal boating or swimming (there are plenty of swimming pools or beaches along the lake) – Zurich offers many ways of relaxing without actually leaving the city.

And if you want go further – just minutes from the city in any direction are an endless span of hiking trails, beaches, water sports, and recreation options, all this set before the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. September is also a particularly good time to spend some time in Switzerland before or after the conference and hike in the Alps or relax at a lakeshore. Trains and other public transportations are perfect for exploring Switzerland, but driving on scenic routes is also a very good option.

More information about Zurich and his attraction’s:

Zurich Tourism
Tourist Service at the Main Railway Station, CH-8021 Zurich
Phone +41 44 215 40 00, fax +41 44 215 40 44
Zurich folder (PDF 3,5mb)

Practical Information

Travel information

Transportation for the city of Zurich and for the Airport Zurich is included in the registration. You will get the transportation ticket for the complete conference duration included in your conference badge. The ticket covers trains, trams (streetcars), boats and funiculars in the Zurich transport zones 110 (Zurich city) and 121 (airport). If you look at hotels that are not in the city itself, please make sure to check if they are within these zones.

From Zurich Airport (Zurich Flughafen) to Zurich

The International Zurich Airport is situated in close proximity to the city of Zurich. The public transportation will get you in the city center in less than 30 minutes (trains in 10 minutes, trams in 30 minutes, including Tram No. 10 directly to ETH Zurich). If you already want to take advantage of the transportation included in your registration, make sure to print the appropriate document that you will receive to that effect.


By Train

It takes about 10 minutes to reach Zurich main station (Zurich HB).In case you have not yet printed out your Zurich transportation document, you should purchase a ticket at the machines before going down to the platform. You can easily switch the language of the machine to English and then select “Zurich HB” as the destination. The machine accepts coins and gives change, as well as most debit and credit cards. The ticket is valid during the next hour for any train to Zurich as well as for the trams and buses in the city. The one way, adult ticket costs 6.60CHF.After reclaiming baggage, follow the signs “Bahn/Railway”. Once you arrive there, take an escalator down to the platforms 3 or 4. Trains to city center leave approximately every 10 minutes.

By Tram

Another option is Tram No. 10. This line connects Zurich airport with the Zurich’s Main Railway Station and city center. It stops also at ETH Zurich. Tram No. 10 runs every 7 minutes and the travel time to the center is 30 minutes.

The airport tram station is located in front of the entrance/exit of the airport buildings (next to the buses terminal). Here also, in case you need a ticket, it can be purchased directly from a machine at the tram stop. Switch to English, select “Zurich”/”1h” and follow the payment instructions.

More info is available on http://www.vbz.ch.

By Taxi 

You may also take a taxi. The Taxi ranks are located directly by the exits at the Arrivals Terminals 1 and 2. The trip by taxi to the city center will cost around 50CHF (40EUR/55$). Also consider Uber, which offers competitive rates in Zurich.

However, during rush hour the trains are faster and always cheaper and Switzerland is well known for its extremely tidy and well organised public transportation system.

From Zurich Main Station to ETH Zurich

At the main station walk to the head of the train and follow any signs to “Bahnhofplatz” (Tram No. 10, just next to main station) and “Bahnhofstrasse” (Tram No. 6, around 100m down the Bahnhofstrasse). If you arrived by train and haven’t yet got a tram ticket, you must now buy one from the blue ticket machine. Depending on your needs, you can buy a day ticket, which is valid for 24 hours for all trams and buses in the main zone (zone 110) of the city or, if all you need is to reach the ETH you can take a short ticket.

  • Tram No. 10 from Zurich «Banhofplatz» (direction «Bahnhof Oerlikon») to stop «ETH/Universitätsspital»
  • Tram No. 6 (direction «Zoo») from tram stop «Bahnhofstrasse» to the stop «ETH/Universitätsspital» (the 3rd stop).

Tip: You may also cross the Limmat river (2-3 minutes walk) and take the Polybahn next to «Central» stop. The Polybahn funicular (closed evenings, Saturday after 2pm, and Sundays) goes strait up to the stop next to ETH Main building. 


From Zurich Main station to Kongresshaus

From stop «Bahnhofstrasse»:

  • Tram No. 11 (direction Rehalp)

to stop «Bürkliplatz», then a 5 minutes walk along the  General-Guisan-Quai

  • Tram No. 6 (direction Station Enge)
  • Tram No. 7 (direction Zurich Wollishofen)
  • Tram No. 13 (direction Albisgüetli)

to stop «Stockerstrasse» then a 5 minutes walk along the Beethovenstrasse


Conference venues

 ETH Zurich Zentrum

(Workshop and Conference reception venue)
Ramistrasse 101
8092 Zurich 

Kongresshaus Zurich

(Main Conference venue)
Gotthardstrasse 5
8002 Zurich


Transport from Kongresshaus to ETH Zentrum

 From stop «Bürkliplatz»

  • Tram No. 9 (direction «Hirzenbach») to stop «ETH/Universitätsspital»
  • Tram No. 5 (direction «Kirche Fluntern» to stop «Kantonschule»

then 5 minutes walk up the hill


  • Tram No. 6 (direction «ZOO«) from stop «Stockerstrasse» to stop «ETH/Universitätsspital»


  • Walking: 25-30 minutes (up the hill).

Public transportation is the default for locals (including business) within the city and we recommend ECCV attendees to rely on public transportation and make full use of your transportation pass. Trains, buses and trams operate from 5 a.m. to 00:30 a.m. during the whole day and night and uninterrupted 24 hours on the weekends (Night service, additional one-time CHF 5 fare). In the city standard intervals are 5 to 7 minutes on almost all lines during weekdays. Quarters in the outskirts are still served at 7 to 15 minute intervals, including connections from and to the airport via train or tram. Trips can be planned conveniently using Google Maps.



Please note that we cannot provide any parking possibilities, so you may use public transportation! 


We recommend ECCV attendees to rely on public transportation as a free public transportation ticket for the complete conference duration (covering Zone 110 and 121) is included in the registration. Please consider during booking your accommodation that many places can be reached in a short time.

Accommodation options

Some hotels offer rooms at special conference rate. A list of hotels with special rates can be found here: http://eccv2014.org/accommodation/

We also recommend exploring the following accommodation options: 

We are also pleased to announce that we have resources available to support students to attend the ECCV 2014 conference. This year, for the student conference grants, we will be providing free accommodations for students at the ETH and City of Zurich Air Shelters.  This accommodation is being used regularly for housing students at summer schools and conferences and is conveniently located with respect to the conference venues. More info about this accommodation can be found here: http://eccv2014.org/student-conference-grants/

In exceptional cases, also non-students can be considered for these grants.

Restaurants and eateries

 Zürich offers a great variety of restaurants and eateries. Starting from gourmet eateries in traditional classy Zunfthaus (Guild House) to small street snack – anybody can find something to his taste and expectation. The traditional cuisine, is called nach Zürcher Art, meaning “cooked in the Zürich style” is very rich and usually includes plenty of meat. The city’s trademark dish is the ‘Züri Gschnetzlets’, diced veal in a creamy mushroom sauce served with ‘Rösti.’

If that’s too much you can try some other local specialty – sausage. You can easily find it at one of the many sausage stands spread throughout the city. Chose between the wildly popular, juicy, pale St. Galler style Bratwurst made of veal and pork, or the Cervelat, a thicker, dense, meaty sausage made entirely of pork. They are always served with a big crusty roll and Dijon mustard. The best ones are to find at Sternen Grill next to ‘Bellevue’ tram stop, across the river from the Kongresshaus.

Another thing worth knowing is that the water quality is Zurich is generally excellent. Normal tap water is always drinking water, as is water from public fountains of any kind, except in the rare cases when a sign (reading Kein Trinkwasser) states otherwise. Tip: carry an empty plastic bottle with you and fill it up at one of the many fountains throughout the city (there are 1200 of them!).

In terms of restaurants and eateries, there is a plenty to choose from but we advise you to look at the openings hours (notice that many restaurant are closed on Sunday) and make your own restaurant reservations earlier, especially if you plan to eat with a bigger group. 

Some restaurants nearby the conference venues


Some restaurants open on Sunday

Please notice that many restaurants are closed on Sunday. Best chances to find restaurants open on Sunday are in Zürich Old Town (Altstad) or in the close proximity to the Main Railway Station (Zürich Hauptbahnhof). Some of the eateries operating on Sunday are listed below.

Pelikanplatz, 8001 Zürich
044 225 33 00
Mon to ThuFriSat
11.30 to 14.00
06.30 to midnight
11.30 to 14.00
6.30 to 02.00
12.30 to 02.00
06.30 to 23.00
Kronenhalle Restaurant
Rämistrasse 4, 8001 Zürich
044 262 99 00
Daily 12:00 to midnight
Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zürich
044 217 15 15
Mon to Sat
 11:00 to midnight
10:00 to midnight
Zeughausstrasse 61, 8001 Zürich
043 233 88 44
Mon to FriSat and Sun 11.30 to 14.00
18.00 to midnight
18.00 to midnight
Bona Dea
Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zürich
044 217 15 15
Mon to Sun 11.30 to 14.30
17.30 to 23.00
Blue Monkey
Stüssihofstatt 3, 8001 Zürich
044 261 76 18
Mon to Wed
11.30 to midnight
11.30 to 01.00
11.30 to 02.00
15.00 to 02.00
17.00 to 23.00
Brasserie FEDERAL
Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zürich
044 217 15 15
Mon to Sun 11.00 to midnight
Cantinetta Antinori
Augustinergasse 25, 8001 Zürich
044 211 72 10
Mon to Sat
11.30 to 23.30
11.30 to 22.30
Theaterplatz 1, 8001 Zürich
044 268 64 64
Daily starting from 11.00 am
Limmatquai 82, 8001 Zürich
044 262 98 44
Mon to Sat
11.30 to 23.30
11.30 to 22.30
Hummer- und Austernbar
Bahnhofstrasse 87, 8001 Zürich
044 227 77 00
Mon to Sat
12:00 to midnight
17.30 to 23.00
La Soupière
Bahnhofplatz 7, 8001 Zürich
044 218 88 88
06.30 to 10.30
until 11.30
11.30 to 14.00
18.30 to 23.00
Le Cèdre Bellevue
Schifflände 5, 8001 Zürich
044 252 83 70
Mon to Sun 09.00 to 00.30
Froschaugasse 15, 8001 Zürich
044 251 13 33
Mon to Sun
Warm food
11.30 until midnight
until 23.00
Marché Mövenpick Zürich
Beethovenstrasse 32, 8002 Zürich
044 286 54 54
11.00 to 14.00
17.00 to 23.00
11.00 to 14.00
17.00 to 24.00
09.00 to midnight
09.00 to 23.00
Mère Catherine Nägelihof 3, 8001 Zürich
044 250 59 40
Mon to Sun 11.30 to midnight
Restaurant Movie Bahnhofquai 7, 8001 Zürich
044 211 66 77
Mon to Thu
11.30 to 23.00
11.30 to midnight
11.00 to midnight
10.00 to 23.00
Rheinfelder Bierhaus “De bluetig Duume”
Marktgasse 19, 8001 Zürich
044 251 29 91
Daily 09.00 to midnight
Rive Gauche
Talstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich
044 220 50 60
Mon to Sun 11.30 to midnight
Limmatquai 3, 8001 Zürich
044 251 10 74
Mon to Fri

Sat and Sun
11.30 to 14.00
18.00 to 24.00
10.00 to midnight
Brasserie Schiller
Goethestrasse 10, 8001 Zürich
044 222 20 30
Mon to FriSat
11.30 to 14.00
17.30 to 23.00
17.30 to 23.00
11.00 to 23.00
Brasserie Lipp
Uraniastrasse 9, 8001 Zürich
043 888 66 66
Mon to Thu
08.00 to midnight
08.00 to 01.00
11.00 to 01.00
11.45 to 23.00
Hiltl (vegetarian)                                          Sihlstrasse 28 8001 Zürich
044 227 70 00
Daily from 06.30 to midnight
Linde Oberstrass                                        Universitätstrasse 91, 8006 Zürich
‎044 362 21 09
Mon to Fri
08.00 to midnight
09.00 to midnight
10.00 to midnight


Useful information 


The power supply runs at 220V and 50Hz. The outlets accept the Swiss plugs (SEV 1011) and Europlugs (CEE 7/16). See figure below. Europlugs (non-grounded) can also be used.



The international calling code for Switzerland is 41, the prefix for international calls is 00. They are multiple city/area codes in use in Zurich: 44 and 43.

The mobile phone network supports GSM phones on the 900 and 1800MHz frequency ranges, with up to 4G data connectivity.


The number 112 (European SOS number) can be dialed to reach emergency services – medical, fire and police – from anywhere in Europe.

Swiss emergency numbers (Notfallnummern in German) are: Police 117, Ambulance 144, Fire rescue 118.


The time zone in Switzerland (in the summer) is Central European summer Time (CEST = Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) + 2 hours).


Swiss currency is the Swiss francs (CHF). Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express are widely accepted. Most ATMs will allow you to withdraw money with your credit card or your foreign debit card, but you will need to know your card’s PIN for that.


There is no obligation to tip anybody in restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels. Swiss Federal law has required that all service charges and taxes be included in published prices.

The tip is mainly a matter of politeness and shows your appreciation of the service. The golden rule in restaurants is to round up. If you wish to thank the server for good service you should ‘generously round up’ the bill. So for small amount you will round up to the nearest Swiss franc and for bigger to nearest 5 or 10.

Opening hours

As a Rule of thumb: shops are open from 9 am to 6.30 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. Grocery stores (two main chains are Coop and Migros) are open mostly from 8 am to 9 pm. Shops (including pharmacies) are closed on Sundays and national holidays except for those at airports, at some railway stations and highway rest stops. If you need to buy something on Sunday in Zurich, your best bet is the shopping mall under the main train station. Restaurants are typically open from 11.30 am until 12 pm. Many are closed during the afternoon.


Smoking is generally banned in all restaurants, cafés, public buildings and on all forms of public transport. Smokers should be prepared to step outside if they want to light up.