Papers FAQ

Frequently asked questions

About Submitting Papers

  • Can we please have an extension on the deadline?

NO. As stated in the call for papers: “Submission date is fixed. There will be no deadline extension.”  Note that any incomplete submission or a submission not meeting the required criteria will be rejected without review. There is no possibility to edit or modify your submission for review after the deadline.

•     The submission instructions ask me to enter only the domain name of my current institution in the “Conflict Domains” field. Is that correct ?

Please only enter the domain name of your current institution. NO past institutions (where you worked or studied more than 12 months ago), NO domain names of co-author/collaborator institutions, NO domain names of email providers should be entered.

•          I entered my co-author domains as conflicts when I first logged on to CMT, but the paper submission instructions now say I should have only entered my institution’s domain. What should I do?

You should go back to your Author Console and just enter your institution’s domain, per ECCV14’s submission instructions. Your “Conflict Domains” field can be edited at any time during the submission period.

•          Since I am not entering the domains of my past collaborators, how will you determine which reviewers have a conflict of interest with my submission?

We are using sources such as DBLP to collect every reviewer’s co-authors in the past years. Papers written by these co-authors will be flagged as having a conflict with the reviewer.

•          No Area Chair seems to have listed my paper’s subject area as primary. How should I choose my preferred AC?

You should consult this webpage to get complete information about our ACs. Since ACs can only specify one subject area as primary regardless of the breadth of their expertise, they may have a similar level of interest and expertise in their secondary subject areas. If your paper’s primary subject area does not appear as secondary either, we recommend you look at the ACs’ publications.

•          Can we get my quota increased for the size of paper submission from 30 MB to something higher?

NO. We have set hard limits of 30MB (PDF Only) for paper submission and 100MB (PDF or ZIP only) for supplementary materials for submissions for review. As we are expecting many submissions, and as each reviewer is expected to review several papers, we feel that larger file downloads (and uploads) will tax the system and abilities of reviewers to get to the papers fast enough. Authors should consider adding hi-res images as supplementary material. See Supplementary Material section.

•          The author instructions say that the references are NOT included in the page limit of 14 pages. Is that correct ?

YES. As a novelty for ECCV2014, we decided to not include the references in the page limit. This way, authors can include all relevant references and need not remove references for space constraints.

•          How do I find out the paper number for my submission?

You need to first create a new paper submission. You fill out all the required information, but need not upload the pdf at this stage yet. After you have clicked ‘Submit’, CMT shows you a submission summary, including the paper ID.  Also in the “Author” Console, under Manage Submissions, you can see an overview of all the paper submissions you created, with their respective paper IDs.

•          How do I delete Supplementary Material from the CMT site?

After you log on to CMT, in the “Author” console, you’ll notice “Update File” at the end of the supplementary file name. Click on that, and in the page that appears, you can click on the “Delete” button to remove the supplementary file. (Please note that you will not be able to delete the supplementary file after the supplementary file deadline.)

•          Can we submit color images with our papers for review?

YES. Reviewers will get the exact pdf file of the paper you submitted, so they can see the color images on the screen. Do be warned though that many reviewers still like to read printed papers and not all have access to high-end color printers. We suggest that you print your paper on a monochrome printer to verify that important information is not lost after monochrome printing. You may also wish to add a comment in your submission requesting the reviewers to view it in color, on a screen.

•          Can I still change the title, abstract or other information I added when creating a paper submission?

YES. In the “Author” console, under Manage Submissions, there is a link “Quick Edit: Paper Details”. Via this link, you can update all the information you provided earlier. Changes are allowed up to the submission deadline, but not afterwards.

•          What is ECCV 2014 policy on DUAL SUBMISSIONS?

Please see the Policies section of this website for details

•         Does a Technical Report (departmental, arXiv, etc.) with publication available online count as a prior publication and therefore ineligible to review and publication at ECCV 2014?

NO. A Technical Report that is put up without any form of direct peer-review is NOT considered a publication. See the Policies section of this website for details.

•          Does a presentation at a departmental seminar during the review period violate the anonymity standard or other ECCV 2014 policy?

NO.  See the Policies section of this website for details.


About the Review Process

•          Is the ECCV 2014 Review Process CONFIDENTIAL?

YES, ECCV 2014 reviewing is considered confidential.  See the Policies section of this webpage for details.

•          Are ECCV 2014 Reviews Double BLIND or Single BLIND?

ECCV reviewing is Double BLIND. Be sure to read the Policies section of this webpage to avoid unintentional violations of the double-blind policy when writing your paper.

•          Is it guaranteed that my paper will be handled by one of my preferred ACs?

NO. While we will do our best to satisfy author preferences, each AC can only handle a limited number of papers. In addition, ACs have a choice as well: ACs will initially be assigned 60-80 papers (based on author preferences and the Toronto Paper Matching System), and then they will indicate which of these papers match their interests and expertise most closely. The final AC-paper assignment will be based on this input from ACs, subject to load-balancing constraints.

•          Do I really have to select 3 preferred area chairs ?

YES.  Even if the subject area is not a perfect match, we want authors to indicate three preferred area chairs to help us in the assignment process. Note that this is just one source of information that we will use to assign papers to area chairs.


About Publications

•          Do we need to pay for extra pages on acceptance of our paper?

NO. There is no publication fee and no extra pages fee.  For each accepted paper, we only expect at least one of the authors to register for the conference (and hence pay the registration fee).