ECCV 2014 will take place at the Zurich Kongresshaus (main conference) and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (workshops).


Kongresshaus viewed from lake Zurich

The main conference venue is in the heart of the city on the shore of lake Zurich. It can be reached conveniently with public transportation from all main directions of the city. Local museums and other sights are within a few minutes by Zurich’s signature trams or bus (Zurich Public Transportation).

Workshops and the conference reception will take place at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology main building. Zurich has a guide public transportation model, as two thirds of the population are using public transportation, the whole city can be safely explored and most lines operate in seven minute intervals until nighttime. The night line network operates on weekends non-stop during the night with slightly longer intervals of 30 minutes.


ETH Main Building

Zurich can be easily reached from all international locations, for many with direct flights. A wide range of accommodation options will be made available closer to the submission deadline. The swiss alps are within easy reach (2-4 hours by train, depending on destination).




ETH Zurich

(Workshops, Conference Dinner)

eth_map3 eth_map2 eth_map1 eth_outdoor_map


Kongresshaus Zurich

(main conference)

kongresshaus_entrance_level kongresshaus_meeting_room_level